Thamim Ahmed

  • Senior Research Associate
  • London School of Economics and Political Science, Houghton Street, London, UK
  • 21/02/2022
Senior researcher Technology and Innovation

Personal Summary

Thamim is a Digital Leader, with a focus on Innovation, Research and Development within Digital Payments and Currencies. Thamim has worked closely with several public and private financial intuitions in developing deep research programmes, coordinating knowledge transfer and building commercial roadmaps.

Thamim is a Physicist by background, starting his career as a software engineer, and going on to work as a product lead with several high growth start-ups.

Thamim’s current research interest stems around Web 3.0; looking closely at how blockchain and distributed ledger systems are disrupting core business processes and creating new governance structures. His research interests have been in Central Bank Digital Currencies, Digital Assets and Cryptocurrencies, Protocol Design and Privacy Protocols and Token Economics.


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