Race Equity Associates

  • Youth Endowment Fund
  • 28/02/2023
Research assistant, Researcher, Senior researcher, Advisor, Project lead Democracy and Governance Inequalities Law Media, Communications and Culture Psychological and Behavioural Science


We are looking for Race Equity Associates with expertise and experience in at least one of YEF’s main focus areas. While we are open to applications from individuals with experience in any of the focus areas, in 2023, we will be particularly interested in those with expertise in:

  • Positive Activities: Structured sports, music, arts and outdoor activities can help young people develop social and emotional skills, which means they’re better able to express their feelings in constructive ways – reducing any violence or harm to others. These positive activities can also be used as ‘hooks’ to engage children and young people in other beneficial services and support.
    • Therapies: Therapies used to help a child to deal better with challenging issues in their lives that might otherwise put them at risk of getting involved in violence. Cognitive behavioural therapy is one example.
    • Presence in schools: School absence – missed attendance, as well as fixed and permanent exclusion – not only impacts on students’ attainment, but also the likelihood of them becoming involved in violence and crime. Schools need programmes, practices and policies which improve attendance, prevent unnecessary exclusions and create safe, positive places to learn.
    • Trusted adults: Not every child has someone in their family they can turn to for support and guidance. This focuses on helping children and young people build trusted adult relationships – outside of their families – to keep them safe from violence, offending and exploitation.
  • Inclusive workplace practices, including recruitment, onboarding, retention and progression, training and culture building.
  • Equitable funding, supporting the YEF to continuously improve the accessibility of its funding to Black, Asian and other minority ethnic led organisations, including by supporting the translation and take-up of lessons across the YEF from our £10m race equity funding commitment (distributed via a third party grant maker).
We’re interested in applicants from a range of sectors, including research, academia, grant making, government, policing, youth work and community engagement.

Project Type

Consulting - Tender opportunity


GBP 650 per day

Application deadline