Local Government Association

We are a political organisation because it is our elected representatives from all different political parties that direct the organisation through our boards and panels. However, we always strive to agree a common cross-party position on issues and to speak with one voice on behalf of local government. 

We aim to set the political agenda and speak in the national media on the issues that matter to council members. The LG Group covers every part of England and Wales and includes county and district councils, metropolitan and unitary councils, London boroughs, Welsh unitary councils, fire, police, national park and passenger transport authorities.

We also work with the individual political parties through the political group offices.  

Research assistant Researcher
Local Government Association
Research and development services and related consultancy services. In line with the ambitions of the LGA’s White Paper, we wish to commission a piece of research that quantifies the potential headline financial benefits of a place-based approach to public services and makes high-level recommendations regarding potential changes in legislation, departmental procedure and local delivery systems.
Project Type:
Consulting - Tender opportunity