Dr Alexander Grous

  • Lecturer and Researcher
  • London School of Economics and Political Science, Houghton Street, London, UK
  • 21/02/2022
Advisor, Project lead Finance Health Media, Communications and Culture Organisations and Management Psychological and Behavioural Science Technology and Innovation

Personal Summary

Alexander is attached to the Department of Media and Communications at LSE, where he undertakes research, teaching and other activities. He also teaches on LSE Custom Programmes and the Masterclasses in Social Science, in the UK and Spain.

Alexander brings extensive previous international career experience including at C-suite level to the LSE in digital, internet, e-commerce, FMCG, media & broadcasting, aerospace and banking including financial crime/AML. He advises organisations and government and undertakes research in digital, media and communications, socioeconomic analysis, health economics, productivity and management practices, as well as teaching in these and other areas. Many of Alexander's findings are high profile with a number of reports amongst the most downloaded from the LSE including 'The British Cycling Economy' with around 22,000 downloads.  Others such as the ‘Sky High Economics’ report trilogy is recognised as leading industry analysis and has provided the content that has won three international communications awards including the B2B Campaign Award for Ogilvy-Inmarsat at the International Content Marketing Awards 2018, a SABRE 2020 PR Award beating 6,000 global entries, and the prestigious 2020 CIPR Award in PR in the Transport segment. The 2020 released report quantifying the socioeconomic impact of road traffic accidents globally in children remains one the most detailed reports of its kind and was launched by HM Queen Letizia of Spain in conjunction with the UN and UNICEF in 2020. Alexander continues to undertake detailed research pre-and post the pandemic on the transformative role of digitalisation and how this affects cohort behaviour, social, and consumer activities and organisational responses including defining whether entities are 'hiders, thrivers or survivors'.

Expertise: digital; e-commerce; internet; new media; broadcasting; cohort behaviour (social media, digital and non-digital); information systems, cloud; management practices and productivity; innovation; socioeconomic analysis; health, injury and transport economics; financial crime/AML; aerospace.

LSE Major Research and Projects (public domain):

  • Size and Health of the UK Space Industry: Economic and qualitative analysis and input into the 2021 UK Space Agency's survey and report quantifying the size and health of the UK Space Sector and also acting as sector and economic SME.
    BryceTech, UK Space Agency, 2021.
  • Socioeconomic Impact Analysis- Rolls Royce Motor Cars: Quantifying the socioeconomic contribution (Gross Value Added) and employment effect of one of the UK's and the world's most iconic motor vehicle brands including detailed modelling and report for use with government and other audiences with significant media coverage generated.
    Rolls Royce Motor Vehicles, 2022.

LSE Major Research and Projects (not public-domain):

  • Development of an Index of 'Alpha' Characteristics of Success for Target Firms.  Developing index encompassing qualitative and quantitative factors that can assign a rating reflecting the prevalence of 'alpha' success factors to enable a comparative assessment of the attraction of target prospects for MBOs and other off-market transactions.
    Confidential, UK/US Venture Capital Firm
  • Identity Capital: Monetising the value of Identity. Developing algorithm and methodology to quantify the value of social and individual data (business and personal) for GB Group to define a value for 'identity capital' for entities and individuals based on the nature of available data and other factors in an increasingly digitalised identity environment.
    GB Group
  • Quantifying the Socioeconomic Contribution of Warner Brothers UK:  Deep and wide analysis of Warner Brothers' complex UK operations to define its socioeconomic contribution to the UK economy including its direct, indirect and induced contribution.
    Warners Brothers UK
  • Quantifying the Socioeconomic Contribution of One of the UK's Largest Sports and Leisure Events Organisations. Detailed ground-up analysis and extensive demand and economic modelling of the integrated entity to define its socioeconomic direct, indirect and induced contribution both to the local and national economy.
    Confidential- Major leading UK leisure and sports organisation
  • Revised Regulatory Impact Analysis of FAA Part 117 Final Rule: Flight Crew Member Duty Rest Requirements ('Cargo Carve Out'): Analysis of original FAA decision assessing the carve out for the air cargo sector including deep analysis of key variables utilised for the decision. 
    Confidential- US/UK Air Transport organisation
  • Economic Impact Assessment - UK Spaceport: Input into the economic analysis of a UK spaceport including deep assessment of direct, indirect and induced contribution and acting as sector and economic SME.
    Confidential- UK organisation.
  • Cybercrime and Cybersecurity: Assessing major trends, risks and mitigation in online digital services and by cohorts and defined segmentation, with recommended best-practices by major geographic regions.
    Confidential- Global telecom manufacturer: equipment, hardware, software and security


Monash University
Master of Commerce
University of Southern Queensland
MA- Science and Technology
Deakin University
University of Adelaide


Media and Communications; LSE Research and Innovation