Independent Financial Audit of EU Life Funded Project - LIFE Recreation ReMEDIES

  • Natural England
  • 15/05/2024


Natural England requires an independent financial audit of an EU LIFE funded project (LIFE Recreation ReMEDIES LIFE18 NAT/UK/000039). Natural England needs to submit a certificate on the Project Financial Statement to the European Commission, in the form of an independent report of factual findings produced by an external auditor. This is in support of the payment requested by Natural England under Article I.4.1. of the 2018 LIFE Grant Agreement. The Commission requires this Report as the balance payment of costs requested by NE is conditional on its factual findings.This work must be undertaken in line with procedures outlined by the Commission. This will be a remote audit (no site visit required as all documentation can be supplied electronically) and the work (with the exception of the inception meeting) will take place November 2024 to January 2025.




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