Eastern Europe Accelerator Programme

  • UK Research & Innovation (UKRI)
  • 08/05/2024
Research assistant, Researcher, Senior researcher, Advisor, Project lead Environment and Energy Technology and Innovation


 UK Shared Business Services (UKSBS), on behalf of the UK Research and Innovation through Innovate UK wishes to establish a contract for the provision of an International Accelerator Programme for the Energy Team. This will include support for both the UK companies and international partners. Aims & Objectives The aim of the accelerator programme is to provide commercialisation services to sit along side some of our overseas energy projects clustered in the eastern European region, ensuring the businesses taking part in the projects are commercially ready as well as technologically ready. Although the accelerator programme will be optional for our funded projects, we would expect most or all of the projects in this portfolio to take advantage of the support offered through the programme. The support will be a mixture of supporting fundamental programme requirements with all projects, 1 to 1 business support, connecting to the wider industry as well as communications activities. There are four core objectives:

  1. Provide core support to enable projects to achieve their project outputs in an ODA eligible country.
  2. Provide business support to project leads to help them commercialise (no matter where they are in the world).
  3. Engage with wider sector to help the organisations achieve their goals.
  4. Provide communication and dissemination activities to demonstrate the meaningful impacts the programme is having.

We are hoping to achieve the following outputs:

  • Organisations which have increased their commercial readiness.
  • Technologies that are closer to market.
  • A group of projects which feel like a cohort.
  • Investment engagements with companies.
  • Knowledge sharing between projects and the wider energy and government space.
  • Promotion of Gender Equality and Social Inclusion.
  • Impact which is disseminated globally. 

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Consulting - Tender opportunity



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