Implementation of the Green Advisory Service for Sustainable Investments Support (‘GREEN ASSIST’)

  • European Commission - European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA)
  • 28/01/2022
Senior researcher, Advisor, Project lead Environment and Energy


The scope of GREEN ASSIST may cover the following types of services organised in two lots:

  1. designing, developing and implementing the tools, procedures and processes for the operation of a roster of experts under GREEN ASSIST. This includes the implementation, operation and management of a roster of experts, the management and handling requests for advisory support emanating from private or public beneficiaries, collected and transferred to the Contractor by the contracting authority and with the management, implementation and coordination of the provision of related support services;

  2. provision of specific support services for GREEN ASSIST, such as support to strengthening the capacity and investment readiness of organizations, environmental and/or social sustainability, structuring and impact assessments, procurement, compatibility with State Aid rules, market development and other analytical studies, communication and awareness raising.

Project Type

Consulting - Tender opportunity


30,000,000.00 EUR

Application deadline