Research Ventures Catalyst

  • Department for Science, Innovation and Technology
  • 15/08/2023
Researcher, Senior researcher, Advisor, Project lead Technology and Innovation


The Research Ventures Catalyst (RVC) is a two-stage programme inviting proposals for new organisational models to tackle a research challenge. This application guidance is intended to support potential participants through the stage 1 open call process for the RVC scheme.

Stage 1

The Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) are initially inviting proposals and bids for up to £100,000 of ‘seed corn’ funding, which is available to support successful applicants in developing full plans for their new research ventures. We are looking for proposals that will bring together researchers1, experts and operators from different disciplines and sectors, or with complementary forms of technical expertise, to tackle a complex problem in a new organisational setting. The RVC aims to seed, and ultimately back with multi-million-multi-year funding, new partnerships and ways of working to address shared challenges.

Stage 2

Successful applicants at stage 1 will progress to stage 2 of the programme where we expect the seed corn funding to be used to further develop proposals into full technical plans for new organisations.

Who are we looking for?

We are seeking lead applicants with a clear vision to grow a new venture from the ground up and deliver high impact research in a new way. You will need to have an entrepreneurial spirit, proven leadership skills and an aptitude for forging relationships and thinking creatively about organisational design. You must have demonstrable expertise in your research area, and the ability to build consensus and interest in your proposal, bringing together experts and financial backers to invest time and money in your idea. We encourage applications from individuals at all stages of their career: there is no minimum years of experience required to apply.

Eligibility criteria for stage 1

To lead a project in Stage 1 of the RVC, you must meet the following criteria:

• Applicants must be hosted at a research organisation or a small or medium size enterprise (SME). If you are not hosted at an organisation on this list, then we would encourage you to look for opportunities to team up with others that are to submit your application. For example, large businesses may like to consider forming a consortium with an academic institution or SME, or express a broader interest in partnering with proposals we receive as a co-investor.

• Applicants must be eligible to work in the UK and intend to exploit results in or from the UK. Non-UK institutions cannot lead an application however they can partner on a proposal.

• Evidence of your ability to deliver the proposed work in line with the requirements of the opportunity.

• Compliant with the UK Subsidy control regime if a UK business enterprise or consortium.

• Permission from the organisation which you are currently employed by, or affiliated to, to apply to the RVC.

Project Type

Consulting - Tender opportunity

Application deadline