Research Consultancy on Creative and Cultural Industries for the British Council Rwanda

  • British Council
  • 25/05/2023
Researcher, Senior researcher, Advisor, Project lead Education and Skills Inequalities International Development Media, Communications and Culture


The British Council in Rwanda is looking for a consultant to design and implement a research mapping project (inclusive of consolidating various pieces of research as part of the desk research) which supports an understanding of the creative and cultural industries in Rwanda.
The consultancy work is within the British Council SSA Arts portfolio.
The key outcome of this consultancy is to develop a research paper that illustrates a holistic approach to understanding of the arts sector in Rwanda paying attention to:
• the different artforms that are of interest to creatives aged between 18 – 35 and the opportunities that currently exist for them to practice their art
• the appetite that exists amongst creatives to collaborate either locally or with other creatives in SSA or the UK
• the different art spaces that exist in Rwanda for creatives to showcase their art
• the different arts organizations currently operating in Rwanda and the work that they do
• opportunities that are available to creatives from minority groups (including women, and those with disabilities) to be able to create art and collaborate with other creatives
• Provide programme approach, design and delivery recommendations which look towards connected and complementary programme delivery in Rwanda including:
a) The target groups who have the greatest potential to benefit from cultural engagement (across creative economy, cultural exchange)
b) Opportunities for synergies with further British Council initiatives
c) The potential to support development and strengthening of local capacities, networks.
d) Opportunities for taking a mutually beneficial cultural relations approach with the UK sector to support and strengthen local infrastructure alongside international collaboration
The work specification is for the period starting 19 June to 31 July 2023. The consultant(s) should have experience in the art sector landscape of Rwanda, knowledge and appreciation of creative industries and inclusive communities, and experience in research design and implementation.

Project Type

Consulting - Tender opportunity

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