International Research into International Equality Legislation

  • The Scottish Government
  • 15/03/2023
Research assistant, Researcher, Senior researcher, Advisor, Project lead Democracy and Governance Inequalities Law Public Policy and Regulation


The aim of this research is to provide the Scottish Government with timely, robust information on International Equality Duties and Legislation to enable a strong evidence base to help inform, futureproof and ensure robust revised regulations as we review the Public Sector Equality Duty in Scotland.
This research aims to inform policy decisions on the review of the Public Sector Equality Duty in Scotland by researching international duties and how these compare to proposed and current duties in Scotland.
Specifically, the research specified has the following objectives:
  • To identify countries which have similar equality legislation to the current duties outlined in The Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties) (Scotland) Regulations 2012. The criteria for similar legislation would be based on the outputs from Scotland Specific Duties, such as reporting on progress toward mainstream equality, gathering employee information, publishing gender pay gap information and duty to publish in a manner that is accessible.
  • To examine the key similarities and differences of international public equality duties comparative to the current Scottish Regulations;
  • To outline where the Scottish Government’s current consultation proposals are in line with or differ from equality legislation implemented in other countries;
  • To research international evidence into the effectiveness of these similar duties;
  • Highlight any equality legislation implemented in other countries which are deemed effective which differ from the Scottish Regulations, and explore reasons for the effectiveness of these; and
  • To suggest how learning from this review might be applied to improve the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) in Scotland and feed into the Scottish Government’s wider review of the Duty taking place
It is expected that the vast majority of the research will be a desk-based evidence review using published academic, grey and digital literature. However, there may be a need to supplement this desk-based work with some interviews where the detail is not available through literature.

Project Type

Consulting - Tender opportunity


GBP 20,0000 (excl. VAT)

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