Alternative Energy Markets Innovation Programme - Phase 1 Feasibility Competition

  • Defra - Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
  • 22/11/2022
Researcher, Senior researcher, Project lead Environment and Energy


The overall aim of the Alternative Energy Markets Innovation Programme is to stimulate and support the development and demonstration of innovative domestic demand side flexibility
Propositions in a future energy system. The objectives of the two-phase Programme are:
  • Design and simulate innovative domestic flexibility Propositions under potential alternative energy markets, quantifying the additional flexibility available to the system and the benefits to participating consumers
  • Contribute to the evidence base for how the domestic flexibility market can be grown and encouraged under a future energy system to inform future policy and regulatory decisions
  • Combine domestic flexibility Propositions with low carbon distributed energy assets and other smart energy innovations to demonstrate how these innovative Propositions could work in the real world to deliver a flexible energy system
The specific aims and objectives for each Phase of the Programme are as follows:
Phase 1 - The aim of the Phase 1 Competition is to support the design, simulation and development of innovative tariffs, products or services (demand side flexibility Propositions) under alternative energy market scenarios (Scenarios) of a future energy system.
Phase 2 - The aim of the Phase 2 Competition is to deliver real world demonstrators, which would test demand side flexibility Propositions developed in Phase 1 in a real world setting to increase understanding of how such Propositions may work in practice and how consumers respond and participate, and to demonstrate the impact of propositions and potential benefit to the electricity grid and to consumers. 

Project Type

Consulting - Tender opportunity


GBP 500,000 per project (exc VAT)

Application deadline