Agile Nation 2 Research - Learning & Women's Wellbeing

  • Chwarae Teg
  • 22/11/2022
Researcher, Senior researcher, Project lead Inequalities Labour Markets and Employment Organisations and Management


The main objective of this research is to further explore whether there is a link between engaging in learning and improved and sustained confidence, wellbeing and resilience among women.
For the purpose of this research project, we are taking a broad definition of ‘learning’ that incorporates adult learning, job-related training, skills development and career development support and coaching.
The research aims to gather further data to understand the extent to which learning can affect these so-called soft outcomes, whether there are any gender differences, whether particular features or delivery models affect them, and whether these outcomes are achieved for women.
While an exhaustive exploration of the topic is not possible in the project timescales, we would like to bring together qualitative evidence and a rapid review of existing evidence, to inform discussions and recommendations for future design and delivery of learning and training for women in Wales
The principal research question is:
What impact does engaging in learning have on women’s confidence, resilience and wellbeing?
Secondary questions should include:
  1. Does gender affect any link between learning and improved confidence, resilience and wellbeing? Are there any intersectional differences?
  2. Do particular delivery models affect any link between learning and improved confidence, resilience and wellbeing? Consideration should be given to factors such as inclusion of coaching, individual vs group settings, women-only settings and in-person vs virtual delivery.

Project Type

Consulting - Tender opportunity


GBP 20,000 (inclusive of VAT)

Application deadline