Progress on children and young people's mental health policy in England

  • Local Government Association
  • 16/11/2022
Researcher, Senior researcher, Project lead Democracy and Governance Education and Skills Psychological and Behavioural Science


This report will explore the announcements and steps taken to tackle the rising demand in children’s mental health, the progress that has been made and what else needs to happen to ensure that central government, local government, NHS and wider partners are able to tackle children’s mental health needs in England.
The report will need to:
  • Summarise the policies, legislation and agenda setting directives to improve the situation of poor mental health for children and young people in England.
  • Analyse the progress made on achieving the outcomes set out in these policies or if they are on track for achievement by the specified deadline. This should include analysing data that shows the practical implications and roll out (for example, the number of mental health support teams and children supported, the number of Designated Senior Leads in Schools, number of children accessing mental health support as per the LTP), and the impact on other government and partner organisation policies.
  • Explore if the policies announced to date are having, or will have, sufficient impact on ensuring children and young people get the right support for their mental health needs in England based on current progress and estimated projection of mental health needs.
  • Using available datasets, analyse if specific cohorts of young people (for example, those of economic disadvantage or ethnic minorities) or geographic areas of the country are less likely to be able to access identified support.
  • Where possible, some analysis should be provided on what action should be taken regarding children’s mental health policy in England. This could include a list of recommendations for tackling children and young people’s mental health for local authorities, central government and other partners.

Project Type

Consulting - Tender opportunity


GBP 10,000 to GBP 25,000

Application deadline