Identifying Non-Government User Requirements for the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment

  • Climate Change Committee
  • 16/11/2022
Researcher, Senior researcher, Project lead Democracy and Governance Environment and Energy Law


We are seeking to commission a project to examine non-Government user needs for The fourth UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA4) outputs. This project will involve stakeholder engagement to understand user requirements and values and will investigate possible approaches for delivering these requirements, highlighting good practices.
The key tasks in this project will be:
  1. Identification of non-Governmental users and needs for climate risk information
  2. Evaluation of CCRA3 outputs for non-Government users
  3. Pilot testing of interactive visualisation tools and data portals which might be suitable for CCRA4 outputs and meet user needs.
  4. Recommendations on enabling non-Gov user access to the CCRA4 evidence base.

Project Type

Consulting - Tender opportunity


GBP 80,000 to GBP 100,000

Application deadline