Mobilising Local Net Zero Investments - Diverse Solutions for Diverse Places

  • UK Research & Innovation (UKRI)
  • 08/11/2022
Researcher, Senior researcher, Project lead Environment and Energy Technology and Innovation Urban and Regional Development


The aim of this research is to explore to what extent local authorities outside of core cities and combined authorities could pursue an accelerated pathway to securing finance for their net zero projects while large scale solutions are in development.

The objectives are:

  1. To understand the needs of local authorities outside of CC’s and CA’s when it comes to the development and financial structuring of their cross-sector net zero portfolios via PFER’s portfolio of SLES projects
  2. Assess whether, and to what extent, these needs differ to those of CC’s and CA’s and if so, what financial solutions, support and innovation may be required to ensure they have adequate access to finance for their net zero projects
  3. Build on the SLES investor panel work to understand
    1. what kind of financial framework/structuring could prevent investor cherry-picking and enable whole-system value to be achieved
    2. what level of project standardisation is required/possible to achieve strong levels of investability across a place-based portfolio using SLES as an example
  4. Identify suitable funding models and assess whether they lend themselves to a particular set of either place-based or project characteristics that might allow the development of a more diverse set of (archetypal) local net zero funding solutions
  5. Better understand potential market failures around financing place-based net zero projects which could be addressed by future programmes
  6. Support and inform emerging solutions under development by BEIS, 3Ci and UKIB
  7. Provide direct support to PFER projects in enhancing their understanding of optimum ways to finance their SLES

Project Type

Consulting - Tender opportunity

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