Thematic Analysis of the Higher Education Institution Annual Quality Reports of 2022

  • Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI)
  • 08/11/2022
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The Annual Quality Report (AQR) forms part of QQI's QA framework of engagement with Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The AQR provides documentary evidence of the development and evolution of each institution’s internal quality system. It provides QQI with assurance that internal QA procedures have been established and are being implemented consistently with regulatory requirements.
In 2022 QQI received annual quality reports for the period September 2020 to August 2021 from
  • 22 private higher education institutions and
  • 20 public higher education institutions.
The reports are available online on the QQI website. They can be found under Annual Quality Report 2022.
The reports have three parts: Part A, Part B and Case Studies.
A: Internal QA System Part A of the AQR is intended to comprise a record of each institution’s current QA policies and procedures and should provide hyperlinks to those policies and procedures. However, note well that some AQRs also report some activities under this part.
B: QA Activities, Developments and Enhancements and their Impact
Part B of the AQR documents and captures QA activities, developments and enhancements undertaken by institutions during the reporting period and their impact. Institutions are expected to demonstrate here how plans set out in the previous AQR were progressed during the reporting period – these may be plans linked to strategic objectives, to reengagement advice, or to institutional review recommendations.
Part C Case Studies institutions were requested to provide institutional case studies, showcasing examples of best practice. 2022 reports sought case studies relating to the assurance and enhancement of quality in digital environments
The average length of a public sector AQR for 2020/2021 is about 105 pages and they range from 48 to 213 pages. Much of the content is devoted to describing the relevant provider’s internal QA system (Part A) which is relatively stable from year to year.

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