Review of France’s SAFER Land Market Interventions

  • Scottish Land Commission
  • 08/11/2022
Researcher, Senior researcher, Project lead Environment and Energy EU Policies Public Policy and Regulation


The overarching objective of this work is to provide evidence of how the SAFER intervention affects market structure and operation, particularly where promoting diversity, or limiting concentration, of land ownership. In particular, the work should assess:
  • the success or failure of SAFER interventions in achieving its stated aims
  • impacts on the market (land values, volume of transactions, concentration of ownership etc)
  • behaviour and culture change arising from the influence of SAFER
  • legal and political acceptability of SAFER
  • any lessons relevant to the Scottish context
It is anticipated that this would be a desk-based exercise, potentially supplemented with a few key interviews with relevant experts, drawing upon qualitative and quantitative data, and from academic and grey literature. However, the Commission is open to alternative suggestions and bidders should therefore consider if there are any innovative methods of achieving the objectives of the work.
It is expected that the work will require good French language skills, and/or access to relevant French networks/contacts. Bidders should note that the Land Commission is unable to assess, or provide guidance, on how much relevant material exists in French, or how much this work will rely on translation. It is also unclear how much useful information may be available through French and EU work on wider rural development themes.
Given the potential practical constraints of this specific piece of work, bidders should consider how they would prioritise material. Relatedly, the successful contractor should consider where future work would be helpful, and whether other methodologies – for example, developing case studies – would add value to future research.

Project Type

Consulting - Tender opportunity


GBP 15,000

Application deadline