Local Economic Assessment

  • London Borough of Redbridge
  • 20/09/2022
Researcher, Senior researcher, Project lead Democracy and Governance Labour Markets and Employment Urban and Regional Development


The London Borough of Redbridge is embarking on a review of its Local Plan 2015-2030 (Adopted in 2018). To deliver on a vision that is relevant to Redbridge and its diverse communities, we will be collaborating closely with our residents, business owners and community groups to set out a compelling vision for the physical development of the borough - promoting the delivery of new homes, jobs, and supporting community infrastructure.

The development of the new Local Plan will be an ongoing programme of work that will require flexibility and phasing that will likely continue until 2025, however, it is not anticipated to be a continuous timeline of work.

Phase 1, November 2022 – April 2023, will include the production of the final report. The timeline for Phase 2 will be agreed upon throughout Phase 1, however, the Contract end date has been set for 31 December 2025.

Phase 2 will stakeholder and community engagement, and additional support throughout Regulation 18 and 19 including providing expert witness at Local Plan Examination in Public and to Redbridge Council. The scope of work and deliverables may be expanded based upon findings.

Overall, flexibility will be needed to ensure the completion of any add-on more detailed work as part of either phases. The following deliverables are required as part of Phase 1.

The below list is not exhaustive, and bidders may propose additional (or alternative) tools and techniques which would add value to the assessment:

  • A full review of the borough’s existing Retail Capacity Assessment (2015) and any other relevant data.
  • A final report that meets the requirements of the specification. This will include presentation in an accessible electronic format and three printed copies.
  • A mid-term report that summarizes work done to date, barriers and mitigation strategies, confirmation of agreed upon timelines and deliverables, and next steps.
  • A set of appended research data.
  • Two copies of the reports mentioned in this brief should be forwarded in hard copy.

As mentioned, it is anticipated that Phase 2 will be ongoing over several years up until 2025 and at minimum, will include:

  • Providing expert witness at Local Plan Examination in Public and to Redbridge Council, as required.
  • Stakeholder and community engagement, as per Redbridge’s Local Plan Engagement Strategy currently under development.
  • Status meetings with Redbridge Planning Policy Team.
  • Any additional or revised reports or data will need to be in accessible electronic format. Reports will also need to be provided as printed copies.

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