Evaluation of the Welsh Housing Quality Standard 2023 & Evaluation of Optimised Retrofit Programme (ORP)

  • Welsh Government
  • 26/06/2024
Research assistant, Researcher, Senior researcher, Advisor, Project lead Housing


Tender documents will be published early July.

The Welsh Government is seeking a contractor or a consortium to undertake the evaluations of the WHQS2023 and ORP. Owing to the significant crossovers between the two programmes in terms of context, aims and research populations, the two programmes are being submitted to tender as two categories of work within the same specification. Bidders are invited to quote for both categories as a sole contractor, or to submit a consortium bid. In the latter case, the bidder will be the primary point of contact for the Welsh Government, and will have responsibility for sub-contracting a company (or companies) with the requisite expertise and skills to meet the specification requirements across both categories.

Both evaluations will entail process and impact evaluation elements, including primary research with social landlords, tenants and stakeholders, as well as the development of theory of change for both WHQS2023 and ORP. The ORP evaluation will also include a cost-benefit analysis as an essential requirement.

The total contract value is estimated as: £160,000 for the evaluation of ORP. The £160,000 will be split over 2 financial years (£80,000 per year); £160,000 for the evaluation of WHQS2023. The £160,000 will be split over 4 financial years (£40,000 per year): The total contract value estimated to be, over the maximum 4 year period, as £300k.

Project Type

Consulting - Tender opportunity