Education and Children - Social Care Professionals Framework

  • Department for Education
  • 14/06/2024
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Open early engagement.

This prior information notice is intended to update suppliers on our plans for a new framework-style agreement to replace the existing Educational and Children's Social Care Professionals Dynamic Purchasing System (ECSC DPS) as the Department for Education's primary procurement route for specialists, subject-matter expert and adviser suppliers across an expanded range of markets and sectors. As you may be aware, the ECSC DPS has been extended for an additional two years through to 31st March 2026. This is intended to allow for a smooth transition period to the new framework. The new framework is intended to provide a more rapid and flexible route to market, as well as a less burdensome process for suppliers. It will offer the opportunity for suppliers to access work with fewer individual tender submissions required. The registration process for the new framework will allow suppliers to fully demonstrate their experience, skills and capabilities at the outset rather than requiring them to repeatedly provide this information under tender exercises. The new framework will be split into a new set of Lots that reflect the department's requirements and offer greater clarity on the work and roles covered by each to better prevent confusion. We will share further information on the Lots as we move forward. The new framework is currently under development, with an indicative timeline for launch of Summer 2024. To ensure you are ready for the new framework and can access all relevant information, it is essential that you register on the Jaggaer system if you have not done so already. If you are already registered on Jaggaer, please do check that your profile remains accurate and up-to-date. Jaggaer registration guidance is attached to this PIN.


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