Bristol Clean Air Zone Income Forecasting (OPEN FUTURE OPPORTUNITY)

  • Constellia Public
  • 06/06/2024
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Bristol Clean Air Zone Income Forecasting

Constellia, on behalf of Bristol City Council, is seeking expressions of interest for this opportunity. Interested parties are asked to email Giovanna Brown to express an interest. In order to be invited to bid interested parties must register with Constellia's Neutral Vendor System.

The Bristol Clean Air Zone has been in operation since November 2022 collecting advance payments and fines for non-compliance. The Council requires a new model to forecast income over the remaining life of the zone. This will be informed by existing data on the numbers of vehicles, advance payments and fines. The new model will also need to take into account seasonality factors which have affected the figures.

In terms of timescales, a new model should be developed by the end of August 2024.

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Consulting - Tender opportunity



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