Autism Know How: Evaluation and Impact Project

  • National Autistic Society
  • 05/06/2024
Research assistant, Researcher, Senior researcher, Advisor, Project lead Education and Skills Inequalities Organisations and Management Psychological and Behavioural Science


We are looking for an independent evaluation team to measure the impact of two of the products that the Autism Know How Department deliver:

  • Training course: understanding autism in the workplace
  • Accreditation programme: Autism Specialist Award (education) 


The aim of this project is to measure: 

  • The impact that the training module 'understanding autism' has on the lives of autistic people.
  • The impact that the accreditation programme 'Autism Specialist Award' has on the lives on autistic people.

Skills and experience sought: 

  • Familiarity with autism and an appreciation of the positive role autistic people play in society.
  • Knowledge of the education system in England.
  • Expertise in evaluating the impact of a service or product.
  • Experiencing in delivering projects in collaboration with organisations which have both a delivery and an influencing role.
  • Experience of working with service delivery teams to jointly scope out an evaluation and appropriate outcome measures. 


  • A detailed methodlogical plan and timetable produced within one month of the award of the contract.
  • An interim presentation and accompanying slide deck based on findings at the mid-point of the work.
  • A full final written report of findings, including a description of the methods used and the reliability and validity of the findings. 
  • A presentation and accompanying slide deck based on the final report. 
  • A two-page summary of the final report suitable for an external audience. 

Project Type

Consulting - Tender opportunity



Application deadline