Third Party Monitoring, Research and Accountability Programming in Ukraine

  • Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO)
  • 28/05/2024
Research assistant, Researcher, Senior researcher, Advisor, Project lead Democracy and Governance International Development


The Third-Party Monitoring, Research and Accountability programme aims to support the FCDO to meet the following objectives:

  • Core Objective - Third Party Monitoring (TPM) of FCDO's overseas development assistance (ODA) portfolio in Ukraine: FCDO's ODA portfolio supports the humanitarian response, Ukraine's recovery, and improved governance and reform. The TPM will verify results and projects delivered by FCDO's implementing partners, collect beneficiary feedback data and monitor compliance with FCDO's agreements and expectations.
  • Research: The research will be multi-disciplinary in nature, using quantitative and qualitative methodologies as appropriate.
  • Transparency: support and build on TPM initiatives that exist within Ukrainian civil society and local communities. Enhance transparency and accountability of FCDO's ODA portfolio in Ukraine. The core objective for this programme is the delivery of TPM as noted above. However, FCDO wishes to be innovative in its approach and the EME will consult on the following broad questions:
    - How can this programme be designed to capitalise on the strength of Ukrainian civil society and/or community initiatives for third-party monitoring? - How can this programme be designed to ensure that the FCDO's ODA portfolio in Ukraine is held accountable by the communities and beneficiaries it supports? What is the best approach to delivering on the research objective of this programme - while maintaining its core-objective for TPM? What procurement route and partnership structures are most likely to be able to deliver the programme? FCDO want to understand market capacity to develop effective supply chains or consortium partners in Ukraine to meet the programme objectives.


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Consulting - Tender opportunity

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