Monmouthshire County Council

We are a democratic organisation made of elected councillors and we employ officers who are responsible for day to day management.

Our headquarters are in Usk and we also have offices in Magor as well as ‘Community Hub’s‘ where residents can call in to make enquiries.

We employ around 4,500 people. Where possible, staff have their own laptops so we can operate a policy of one desk to two people – this saves money and allows employees to work whenever and wherever suits them best. The working ethos across the council is that work is something you do, not somewhere you go.

Our main priorities in all our work are:

  • Ensuring everyone has access to a great education
  • Protecting vulnerable people
  • Supporting a strong economy

We aim to be an open and approachable council and everything on our website is published under the Open Government Licence. We also aim to get better at making our data open, which means it’s available in an easy to access format. Our open data page has more information on this.