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NHS England provides national leadership for the NHS. Through the NHS Long Term Plan, we promote high quality health and care for all, and support NHS organisations to work in partnership to deliver better outcomes for our patients and communities, at the best possible value for taxpayers and to continuously improve the NHS. We are working to make the NHS an employer of excellence and to enable NHS patients to benefit from world-leading research, innovation and technology.

To deliver the NHS Long Term Plan, NHS England will balance national direction with local autonomy to secure the best outcomes for patients.

Through our seven integrated regional teams, NHS England supports local integrated care systems (ICS), made up of public services that provide health and care – NHS organisations, primary care professionals, local councils, social care providers and the community, voluntary and social enterprise sector – to improve the health of the population, improve the quality of care, tackle inequalities and deliver care more efficiently.

Research assistant Researcher
NHS England
NHS England, in collaboration with the UK National Screening Committee, is looking to award a contract to a national Evaluator to conduct a health-economic evaluation of the NHS-Galleri research test. The requirements are: i) to scope and plan the evaluation through model conceptualisation and development, ii) to understand and obtain the model inputs required,. and iii) to analyse the model for cost-effectiveness, budget impact, and resource constraints. 
Project Type:
Consulting - Tender opportunity