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Over the past 150 years, Aberystwyth University has developed into a strong academic community of over 2,000 staff and 6,000 students from across the globe. We have 19 academic departments, organised into three faculties across the sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities. We have sterling reputation for teaching excellence. At the heart of our mission is effective and impactful teaching; this is why we are consistently ranked amongst the best universities in the UK for teaching quality and student satisfaction.

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Aberystwyth University
AberInnovation wishes to commission a review of its impact to date and gather recommendations to inform its strategic planning for the next 10 years. The review will evidence what activities have created impact so far, and the future impacts that links between academia and businesses can realise for AberInnovation shareholders and stakeholders. In particular we wish to explore and clarify the advantages of, and tactics for, geographic clustering to drive regional economic development and the part AberInnovation can play in this. The review will provide the basis for future public funding bids by revealing how AberInnovation can meet future needs and demands.
Project Type:
Consulting - Tender opportunity