Mayors Office for Policing And Crime

The Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) is a functional body of the Greater London Authority responsible for oversight of the Metropolitan Police. The current Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime is Sophie Linden.

The office is headed by the Mayor of London who acts in a similar capacity to the police and crime commissioners elsewhere in England. The Mayor can appoint a Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime to act on their behalf. They are held to account by the Police and Crime Committee of the London Assembly.

Although the office is responsible for strategic oversight of the Metropolitan Police, all operational policing decisions remain the responsibility of the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis. The office lacks the power to appoint or dismiss the commissioner.

Research assistant Researcher
Mayors Office for Policing And Crime
Requirement The London Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) are seeking an Evaluation partner to design and deliver a mixed methods evaluation of the Child and Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse (CAPVA) programme across three London boroughs; whereby we would like to explore both the process of implementation and impact of the programme in relation to its desired outcomes at individual and sectoral levels. The Provider will also be required to act as a learning partner. To be eligible, the provider should have: - Excellent communication skills and demonstrated expertise in producing comprehensive reports for a range of audiences. - Capacity to meet the stated timeframes through having existing, appropriately skilled, competent, and resourced staff in place. - An understanding of the Public Health approach to violence reduction and prevention. - Experience/ ability to conduct fieldwork in London. Background In March 2022, the Mayor published the outcome of our ground-breaking...
Project Type:
Consulting - Tender opportunity